A screen magazine, since Dec. 2000.


The early days of tiger

tiger magazine was conceived in 2000 as one of the project ideas at an art school by a Japanese graphic designer during his stay in Germany. It was one of the earliest magazines to present a spread-like page layout on digital devices using FLASH technology by Macromedia, which was flourishing at the time.

tiger continued to be published up to issue 33, but as is well known, the technology of FLASH was being phased out in the internet world, and tiger went into hibernation for a while.



What's Next?

Subsequently, thanks to advancements in JavaScript technology, the previous SWFs can now be reproduced in the same form as before, and they have been stored in the Back Number Archive. These are available for viewing even now.

Tiger is evolving into a more desirable form than the magazine format created with FLASH in the Archive, utilizing HTML5 and JavaScript as new technological media. Please look forward to its revival in a new form in 2024.


What's on now

Back Number Archive

At this place, you can enjoy the previous Back Numbers in the Archive section. In the Archive, there is a technical limitation that only link actions are non-functional, as SWFs are pseudo-represented by JavaScript. Apart from that, everything is reproduced as it was before.

This archive not only preserves the past but also serves as a canvas for the expression of vibrant artists. In the world of the internet where things flow and disappear, having a certain "stillness" in this archive is a form of "cohesion." This "cohesion" is a destination, yet it can also serve as an anchor for memories. As our choice, we, the editors, present this cohesion while acknowledging the fact that it is we who are immature, and we leave behind our edits in the archive as sustenance for the future.




Additionally, inquiries about the revival and submissions of works are still possible through the "Contact" section, so please feel free to contact us. You can jump to the relevant page from the link in the top right corner of the page.

tiger is clumsily exploring the intersection of perceptual creation and contemplative creation. Your power serves as good nourishment for him.
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